We Keep America Moving.


GAP Labor envisions a strong and productive domestic workforce that is maintained with immigrant workers that learn quickly, work hard, and play their part to support the company production.


Gap Labor was formed to literally ‘fill in the GAP’ for job turnover that can occur in a variety of industries that are physically demanding, or may involve highly challenging work environments.

Our company recruits International workers in those many instances where a US based workforce is unable to keep up with available positions. In 100% of all cases, a legal permanent resident Visa is applied for in support of every corporation job order.

The team at Gap Labor works with everyone involved from the participating company and local community to the worker + family, and of course the US Government.

We’re special for these three very important things.

Assessing Needs

An important step to understanding our employer providers is to simply visit each complex and see firsthand how workflow is setup, and exactly what duties are performed. Every workplace is different, and environments vary depending on the industry.

Screening Candidates

Every assignment Gap Labor fills has several pre-screening processes to ensure that workers understand their work duties, the environments, and the physical demands they’ll be facing. Additionally, we test for critical thinking skills and basic problem-solving ability.

Your Satisfaction

We’re completely focused on a positive experience with participating companies, their immigrant laborers, and the co-worker teams. Every attention to detail and community living is pre-addressed to give all stake holders a tremendous value.


Thank you for visiting.  We look forward to hearing from you as our team works to resolve any ‘Gaps’ in your workforce!

5675 Oakbrook Pkwy, Unit C, Norcross, GA 30093


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